Rila-Pirin Mountain Trek (Bulgaria), guaranteed departures

Departure Date: 25-06-2022 Status: Guaranteed departure Price: 530 Duration: 8 days
Departure Date: 16-07-2022 Status: Guaranteed departure Price: 530 Duration: 8 days
Departure Date: 13-08-2022 Status: Guaranteed departure Price: 530 Duration: 8 days
Departure Date: 03-09-2022 Status: Guaranteed departure Price: 530 Duration: 8 days

A unique mountain hike above the clouds of the highest mountains on The Balkan Peninsula.

During the trek we will visit the highest peak on the Balkans in Rila Mountains (Musala, 2925m a.s.l.) and the giant of Pirin Mountains (Vihren, 2914 m a.s.l.). We will explore enormous national parks, housing vast alpine meadows, stone rivers, glacial lakes, rare vegetation and rich animal life. The biggest Bulgarian monastery (Rila Monastery) and probably the most famous Bulgarian landmark will also be visited as a part of the trip.

Tour Highlights
Rila Mountains are the highest mountains in Bulgaria and on the whole Balkan Peninsula with Mount Musala - 2925 m a.s.l.
Pirin Mountains are the second highest in Bulgaria after Rila Mountains and the third in the Balkan Peninsula (Mount Vihren 2914 m a.s.l.).
Rila Monastery (1147 m a.s.l.) is the most popular tourist site among all monasteries in Bulgaria equally for its size, natural surroundings, architecture, wall paintings and ancient history.


Day 1. Sofia
Arrival at Sofia airport and transfer to our hotel for overnight.

Day 2.  Musala Climb - Govedartsi
Transfer to Borovets (70 km). We take the cable car to Yastrebetz (2300 m) and we climb the highest peak on the Balkans – Musala (2925 m a.s.l.). The view from the top is truly breathtaking – you can see the other peaks of Rila Mountains; the marble edges of the Pirin Mountains; Mount Vitosha and the Sredna Gora Mountains; the green summits of the Rodopi Mountains; and last, but not least, the long body of the Balkan range. Transfer to Govedartsi (1150 m a.s.l.), where we stay overnight (40 min. drive from Borovets). B/-/D
Walking: 6 hrs; Uphill walk: 650 m (2,132 ft); downhill walk: 650 m (2,132 ft)

Day 3. Govedartsi - Maliovitsa resort - Prekorechki Lakes - Govedartsi
Another stunning trek from Maliovitsa resort, going up along the valley to the wide circus of Prekorechki Lakes, enclosed by the steep slopes and rocky walls of several peaks exceeding 2700m. B/-/D
Walking: 6,5 hrs; Uphill walk: 850m (2,788 ft); downhill walk: 850m (2,788 ft) 

Optional hike for a good day is the climb of the highest peak Maliovitsa, where we will experience of 360 degrees open scenery of the most Alpine part of Rila mountains.
Walking: 6 hrs; Uphill walk: 1016m (3,094 ft); downhill walk: 1016m (3,094 ft)

Day 4. The Seven Rila Lakes - Rila Monastery - Bansko
Early transfer to Pionerska hut, from where we take the chairlift to the Seven Rila Lakes (above 2200m a.s.l.). Loop hike to Razdela, and the stunning ridge "Zeleni Rid" where we descend back to the Chair lift. We continue with 1-hour transfer to Rila Monastery - the most famous landmark of Bulgaria. Drive to Bansko for overnight. B/-/D
Walking: 5 hrs; Uphill walk: 400 m (1320 ft); downhill walk: 400 m (1320 ft)

Day 5. Pirin Trek, Bezbog - Tevno Ezero 

This 2-day trek takes us to the most beautiful part of Central Pirin. We start from Bezbog hut and after 4-5 hours of walking we reach Tevno Ezero hut, where we overnight. B/-/D
Walking: 6 hrs; Uphill walk: 450 m (1470 ft); downhill walk: 150 m (492 ft)

Day 6. Tevno Ezero - Demyanitsa Hut - Bansko
The walk this day offers stunning views over Pirin gletcher lakes - Prevalski and Valiavishki. It takes 5-6 hours before we reach the road under Demyanitsa Hut, where we meet our vehicle to drive us back to Bansko. B/-/D
Walking: 6 hrs; Uphill walk: 150 m (4922 ft); downhill walk: 650 m (2,132 ft)

Day 7. Bansko - Mount Vihren - Bansko - Sofia

A fairly difficult ascent to the highest peak in Pirin Mountains - Mount Vihren (2914m a.s.l.), awaits us. On our way to the peak we have various opportunities to enjoy most of the Pirin's peaks, Vlahini and Bunderishki glacial lakes as well as Edelweiss and many other rare plants flowering in the karst parts of the mountains. Transfer back to Sofia for overnight. B/-/-
Walking: 6-7 hrs; Uphill walk: 1,000 m (3,280 ft); downhill walk: 1,000 m (3,280 ft) 

Day 8. Departure
Transfer to airport for departure. B/-/-

Clothing and equipment:
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Recommended period of travel: June - September